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22 Dec Lampshade Fittings And Fixtures
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Welcome to Premier Lampshades' guide on the different types of lampshade fittings and fixtures. Some Lampshades come with unusual types of Lampshade fittings to attach to your base or ceiling. Other a..
22 Dec Table Lamps vs Floor Lamps: Which Comes Out on Top?
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In the dark when it comes to choosing new lamps for your home? It’s a common problem, and one we’re happy to help you with! In this post, we’ll share some great lighting tips to help you decide whic..
14 Dec Victorian Lampshade Recovering
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Premier Lampshades has just completed another victorian Lampshade Recovering and restoration project, and would like to share our experience of how we achieved it with you.  We had a very old antique ..
22 Dec What is a Clip-On Lamp Shade? And When Should I Use One?
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 If you are the type of person who constantly seeks change, a clip-on lamp shade may be the perfect option. Clip-on lamp shades are a wonderful, inexpensive way to update a room. As you do your sp..
22 Dec What Wattage Bulb Should I Use with My Lampshade?
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 Since replacing traditional incandescent bulbs, energy-saving bulbs now come in a choice of compact fluorescent light (CFL – the standard energy-saving type), LED and halogen. In this post, we’ll..
22 Dec Lampshade Terminology – A Beginner’s Guide
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 If you’re buying a lampshade, it’s important you know what all of the terminology is referring to. Whether it’s the fringe to the fitter, there are quite a few different terms used to describe la..
22 Dec Restoring Fond Memories
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Premier Lampshades understands that throughout life, there are moments that come but once. Adventures never to be repeated, loves to be forgotten, and memories that live on with fondness in reminiscen..
22 Dec Edwardian Lampshade Recovery - 37 Years of Experience Tested
1 87
It’s safe to say that we love a challenge. Over the years, we have restored and re-covered lampshades for some of the UK’s most historic properties. But recently, we were faced with our biggest challe..
22 Dec Can I Integrate Lighting with My Smart Home?
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Smart homes are homes with built-in systems of home automation. With a smart home, you can control and automate various aspects of your home such as heating, ventilation, air conditioning and security..
22 Dec 6 Ravishing Red Lampshades to Add Warmth to Your Home
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Add a splash of rouge to your home and brighten up your life with a red lampshades! With long summer days finally stretching to a close and a slight nip filling the air, it’s safe to say that autumn i..
22 Dec Old-Fashioned Light Bulbs Are Back: An Introduction to Light Recycling
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Electric light bulbs have become a thing of the past. Their energy inefficiency has led to them being prohibited in Britain. You can no longer pop out and buy an old fashioned electric lightbulb. That..
22 Dec Add a Touch of Nature with These Beautiful Brown Lampshades!
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People often forget about brown when they’re planning their interior design colour schemes. But this fabulous earthy tone boasts a calming quality that has helped it make something of a comeback recen..
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