In the dark when it comes to choosing new lamps for your home? It’s a common problem, and one we’re happy to help you with! In this post, we’ll share some great lighting tips to help you decide which style is right for your illuminating needs.

Table lamps

Including table lamps around your home is a great (and simple) way of creating a warm, welcoming atmosphere for friends and family. Here are so top table lamp tips to get you started:

Tip 1: Think about how you will be using each room and size your lamps accordingly. For bedrooms, avoid large, clunky bedside lamps. Unless you have an extra-large bedside table, you’ll struggle to use it for all of your evening essentials if your lamp is taking up all of the available space.

Tip 2: Does your table lamp look out of place? The problem might be the lampshade – not the base. Generally, bases look best when paired with shades of a similar shape or design. For example, square bases will often look best with a square or rectangular shade.

Ideal for: Providing accent lighting, illuminating dark corners, glowing reading light and light layering throughout the home.

Floor lamps

Floor lamps are a popular lighting choice, especially in communal living areas like living rooms. But how do you stop them from taking over your space and clashing with your décor? It’s simple – follow a few simple tips:

Tip 1: Floor lamps are great for illuminating large spaces and creating ambiance in hallways and corners. They are usually on show 365 days of the year, so if you like to make statements with your décor and are afraid of your floor lamps clashing or looking dull, why not embrace them as accent pieces? There are hundreds of styles of floor lamps to choose from, in all shapes, colours, materials and sizes.

Tip 2: If you’re worried about space, opt for a tall floor lamp with a slim, sleek base. When combined with a drum shade you’ll find that this combination will really help to create an illusion of space (and height) in your room.

Ideal for: Providing main ambient lighting in communal living areas, adding height to a room and lighting smaller spaces and hallways.

Top tips

For the best lighting in your home, why not mix it up a little? Lighting is all about adding layers and ambiance, so have a little fun and experiment with where your lamps look best. The reward for your effort will be a beautifully lit, calming home that both your family and friends will love relaxing in.

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