Lampshade Fittings And Fixtures

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Welcome to Premier Lampshades' guide on the different types of lampshade fittings and fixtures. Some Lampshades come with unusual types of Lampshade fittings to attach to your base or ceiling. Other are more standard. In the explanation, we'll look at everything. Enjoy!


Duplex Ring Lampshade Fittings


Lampshade duplex ring


A duplex ring Lampshade fitting is an 11cm ring near the top of the Lampshade to be used with either a shade carrier or spider fitting.

The Lampshade carrier is used when a lampshade has an 11cm duplex ring fitted. This duplex fitting is normally fitted to Lampshades bigger than 12 inches in diameter. The idea of this is so you can just lift the lampshade off its base without unscrewing the bulb holder, making it easier for cleaning purposes etc. These Lampshade carriers come in various sizes: 3", 4", 5", 6", 7", 8", 9" and 10". With so many sizes, you can buy the exact one that your Lampshade needs to sit on its base at the correct height.


From a 14" lampshade frame and upwards to the 22", all of our lampshade frames have the duplex fittings - which you can find in the lampshade frame page.


Lampshade Carrier


Lampshade Carrier


The Lampshade spider is used when a Lampshade has the 11cm duplex ring fitting. This allows the Lampshade to be hung from the bulb holder on ceiling. The 3 prongs on the end of the lampshade spider fitting fit underneath the 11cm duplex ring fitting. This holds the lampshade in place so it can`t fall off (and hit you on your head!).


You can purchase lampshade carriers from our store - we have three different types.


Lampshade Spider

Lampshade Spider

As you can see from the picture, there is a small hole fitting at the top of the Lampshade. This is what we call the "American fitting" in the lighting trade.

The lampshade is connected to the base with a harp fitting, then held in place at the top using a small finial that you simply screw on. These type of Lampshade fittings are very hard to get hold of in the UK. If you have a American fitting Lampshades and want to replace it, it may be easier to just get it restored or recovered. This way, when you get it back it will fit onto its base perfectly. For more information, visit our lampshade repair and recovering services page or get in touch. If you'd like to purchase a Lampshade spider, check out our lampshade accessories page.


American Lampshade Fitting


American Fitting Lampshade

Lampshade Harp Fitting Lampshade Harp Fitting


The harp fitting is perfect if you want to attach an American or Tiffany fitting Lampshade to the o the stirrup on the base. The Lampshade harp fitting comes in four sizes, from 4 to 5.5. Inches. This size corresponds to the height of the harp fitting, excluding the nut and finial.

You can purchase harp fittings in the Premier Lampshade store.


Lampshade Reducer Ring


Lampshade Reducer Ring


Sometimes, you may find that the fitting in your lampshade is too big. If it is a European fitting (which is more common these days), you will need a Lampshade reducer ring clip to reduce it from 45mm to 29mm (the standard UK fitting). When this is complete, you can fit your Lampshade as normal. This works for ceiling and free-standing lamps.


Lampshade reducer ring are easy to find and simply clip in place. If you need one, you’ll find the lampshade reducer rings on the Premier lampshades store.


Need any advice about Lampshade fittings or fixtures?

If you would like any further information on these types of Lampshade fittings please get in touch using our quick contact form, or phone on 01204 414 366. Alternatively, you can view our range of lampshade accessories. Thanks for stopping by.


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