White and Black Fabric Lampshades

White and Black Fabric Lampshades

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Adding this white Monarch Elizabeth lampshade to your design will bring it to life. The white base fabric and matching white fringe allow the black and gold •Monarchê braid to take the limelight, making this lampshade a real feature.

Diameter Bottom
5 Inch
Diameter Top
3 Inch
Height (with fringe)
7 Inch
8 Inch4 Inch9 Inch
10 Inch5 Inch9.5 Inch
12 Inch5.5 Inch11.5 Inch
14 Inch7 Inch15 Inch
16 Inch8 Inch16 Inch
18 Inch9 Inch18 Inch
22 Inch10.5 Inch20 Inch

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