Compliments and Complements: We “Cover” it All

Posted by root 18/08/2017 0 Comment(s)


You might know from the recent appearances of our lampshades on both Big Brother and Jeff Stelling's Super 6 advert that Premier Lampshades is a small company with a big and well-respected reputation as a leader in the UK’s bespoke lampshade industry. But did you know that we don’t just cater to the big boys?


Our family operated establishment began its journey many decades ago with the idea of creating beautiful lampshades that complement any home, office, motif, or client's desire. And to date, we feel rather proud of the fact that we've achieved what we’d set out to do. What we’re prouder of, however, is the idea that our handcrafters continuously deliver lamp shades that not only satisfy our clients but go beyond their expectations.


We recently fabricated an entirely customised order of one 14-inch ceiling lampshade and two matching 12-inch table lamp shades for a lovely client called Claire Orton Jones, who thought enough of our work to leave these kind words for us: 


“I can highly recommend Premier Lighting, not only are they incredibly helpful, they make the most beautiful lampshades, either to buy made up, or using your own materiel. Finally, they are super speedy! If only every company was like them. I cannot praise them enough.”


Ms Jones' lamp shades were created utilising swatches of fabric she sent to us specifically for the manufacturing of lamp shades that would complement her living room's décor. The matching set of bespoke lamp shades fabric features a lovely floral pattern on a soft aqua background. Cream coloured accent rope used at the top and double scallops of the lamp shades pair nicely with her fabric selection and provide a classic chic, yet, traditional look. 


It's always our pleasure to create and deliver custom lamp shades our customers love, but we like to take it even further by providing a full-service lamp shade repair, restoration, and recovering service. Our family has been in the lampshade business in one form or another since the 1930’s, and we’ve quite literally handled every type of lamp shade in the industry, making us the only UK-based outfit to repair, restore, or recover such a broad spectrum of lamp shades.


Whether you choose from our selection of fabrics or send your own fabric for us to use, we will create the perfect bespoke solution for your needs by utilising a combination of traditional lamp shade repair methods along with some newer innovative approaches. Simply fill out our enquiry form with as much detail as possible – and don't forget to add pictures – so we're sure to understand your request entirely. 


Our quotations are always 100% free and non-obligatory so don’t feel pressured by requesting one. We genuinely love what we do here at Premier Lampshades, and we’re happy to share our craftsmanship with those who allow us the opportunity