When Big Brother Comes Calling…

Posted by root 24/07/2017 0 Comment(s)


You take that call. That’s what you do. And that’s precisely what Premier Lampshades did when the call came in looking for custom lampshades to complement an interior design motif that, generally speaking, defies categorisation.


Known for its combination of unique and somewhat eclectic furnishings, each season the Big Brother house reveal is almost as anticipated as the housemate reveal. The house designers are charged each season with the task of outfitting the house in décor that clearly stands out from the norm, but does so in a tasteful way. Because assembling such a large and diverse collection can be a challenge, customised and bespoke furniture and other household items are often the set designer’s only recourse. 



As it just so happens, bespoke design is Premier Lampshades' speciality! Known for our attention to the smallest of details, our reputation as producing the finest handcrafted lampshades Britain has to offer is not unwarranted. While our roots lie in Manchester, our family operated establishment can be found in Lancashire and draws upon more than three decades’ worth of experience in the industry to guarantee nothing less than excellence.


Upon request, Premier Lampshades custom designed a complete set of lampshades for wall sconces featured in this season’s “Luxury" bedroom, one of two bedrooms designed to put a devious twist on the show’s class-oriented social theme. The lampshades were crafted using a spring clip fitting, which makes them ideal for clipping on to the bulbs of wall lights, chandeliers, and smaller table or desk lamps. Next, our Big Brother custom lampshades were fashioned from a rosso coloured Dupion(i) fabric, trimmed off with a mixed gold and black braid, and a lovely ivory cream fringe hanging from the bottoms.


Many of today’s cheap, mass-produced import products don’t allow for the personalization or superior quality that custom handmade items provide. By using traditional handcrafting techniques and premium quality materials and fabrics to construct each of our lampshades, our expert craftsmen take the time to personally inspect each lampshade as it progresses through the assembly process. This ensures a superior product every time.



We are especially proud to have been called upon by the Big Brother series to participate in what has become a national pastime of sorts. We look forward to taking the next call that comes in requesting bespoke lampshades to complement even the most eccentric of ornamentations. 


Whether you are shopping for bespoke lampshades in Lancashire or the surrounding area, or you live across the globe, we happily fabricate and dispatch lampshades for every size, shape, and lifestyle. Simply complete and submit our online enquiry form, and one of our professional craftsmen will contact you shortly.