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Peach Fabric Lampshades

Like the softest hues of a sunset, the colour peach is associated with the sense of calm peace and acceptance. It brings to mind the sweet soft flesh of the fruit bearing the same name, and in the teachings of Feng Shui, it characterises the force leading all elements of life to balance. It is a colour that radiates warmth and soothes even the busiest of minds.

From its deepest shades such as salmon, coral, and terra cotta, to the softest hues, peach is a colour that enriches the space around it with a harmonious glow. When incorporated into many interior design schemes, peach is a colour that conjures a sense of serenity and restores mental energy.

While pastel tones encourage relaxation and tranquillity, more saturated shades of peach, those bordering on orange, create a sense of high positive energy in a room. When paired with natural wood features and complementary tones of blue, the colour peach can seemingly transform a city centre flat into a seaside cottage.

Like other boisterous colours, care must be exercised when including saturated tones of peach into a design theme as it has the ability to become overbearing quickly. When employed as an accent colour, peach pops exceptionally well against backdrops of neutral earth tones.

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