What Size Lampshade Do I Need?

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What size lampshade do I need?


Lampshades sizes are based on the diameter across the bottom, therefore if you see a lampshade referring to its size as 14 inch it means the width straight across the bottom (not around the shade this will be the circumference).





The key to choosing the correct size lampshade is to make sure it looks in proportion to the base it is going to sit on. The best way to do this is to take the height of the base from the bottom where it sits on a table or floor and measure to the bottom of the bulb holder (see image above, measurement A). Whatever this measures is roughly the size of shade you will require. So for example if this measurement is 12 inch, you will need to purchase a shade between 10 and 14 inch.




Now you have a rough idea what size shade you need, to make a more accurate decision depends on the width of the base. If you have a candlestick style base it is better to go for a smaller size shade to make it look in proportion. For the 12 inch example a 10 inch shade is recommended. If you have a large diameter base then a 14 inch shade would be the one to go for. Any width of base in between, then a shade the same height as the measurement taken is required, in this case 12 inch.



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