Get the Shreddies ‘Knitting Nanas’ Look with our New Floral Birdie Lamp Shade

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Shreddies Knitted Nana


Since 2007, the Shreddies ‘Knitting Nanas’ have touched the hearts of millions of UK families. Adorned in their darling pearl necklaces and classic cardigans, they revolutionised the breakfast world by appealing to traditional British family values. In the original advert, they showed fans how the knitting nanas used their skills to fashion each Shreddies square into the perfect shape. You can see the video below:



To the delight of many British families, McCann London launched the latest Knitting Nanas advert in February 2014. This one showed these beloved nanas in a starkly different light. They belted out the upbeat Montel Jordan 90s hit ‘This Is How We Do It’ while completing their morning chores. Despite their happy-go-lucky attitudes, their outfits, hairstyles, and backdrop remained a symbol of British tradition. Premier Lampshades was honoured to set the stage for their advert with our quintessential family lamp shades. Watch the video below:


Floral Lamp Shades


Floral Birds Fabric Lamp Shade


It’s no surprise that these floral lamp shades were a hit with families throughout the UK. The advert setting was reminiscent of holiday visits to granny’s house. Each nana completed her knitting in a teal blue chair, decked out with perfectly matching cushions and lamp shades. Their attentively knitted Shreddies glowed under the bright, soothing light of the lamps. The design fabric for each floral lamp shade was provided by Shreddies. Each beautiful bell shaped lamp shade tapers out to a gently curved frame and creamy white fringe. The cream coloured fabric lets through a lot of light, making visibility easy as you complete your daily tasks. The frame is a classic single scollop bespoke, featuring a delightful floral pattern with gold and pink birds. A colourful pink and green pom pom braid decorates the meeting point between the frame and the fringe.


Custom Bespoke Knitting Nanas Lamps


Unfortunately the shreddies lampshades are no longer available due to the fabric being discontinued. However you can find a wide variety of floral lampshades available in our shop


Close-up of Lampshades


These floral lamp shades are the perfect way to honour the hard-work of the beloved breakfast nanas. They are handmade and available in various sizes, from 5-22 inches in diameter. Nana fans can now furnish their own homes with that timeless and traditional British feel. For the full knitting nanas look, simply add a pearl necklace and earrings, pastel cardigan, sleek spectacles, short haircut, and rinse out perm!


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