Parchment Card Lampshade Recovering

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Premier Lampshades provide the UK’s leading lamp shade recovering and restoration service. We take on all kinds of lamp shade recovering jobs, from period fabric lampshades, to the more simple parchment or card lamp lampshades. This blog will give you a step by step guide on how to recover a parchment / card shade. A parchment / card shade is also known in the lighting industry as a hard shade due to having a card or plastic inside. These types of lamp shades are easier to restore than a fabric lampshade that are more intricate with their fabric`s, lining and trimmings etc. From the pictures below you can see the lamp shade arrived to us in quite a bad state. There is a lot of water damage and deep creases. The inside of the lampshade has burn marks which is due to the wrong size of bulb being fitted, that’s why it is very important to read the wattage sticker on the lampshade and not to fit a too high wattage bulb.


Outside of Lampshade Inside Of The Shade


Step 1: Remove the top metal ring fitting and then the bottom metal ring using a scalpel knife or something sharp enough to do this. Be extremely careful not to damage the card and also being careful not to cut yourself, remember these knife`s are very sharp. You will need the card kept intact to use as a template later on in the lamp shade recovering project.


Top Ring Removal Bottom Ring Removal

Lampshade in Parts Lampshade Card Cut Out


Step 2: When both top and bottom rings have been removed from the lamp shade you will notice that they will need to be cleaned, to get rid of the old binding tape and tacky glue. This is done with a sharp scalpel by gently running the knife along the wire removing all the old sticky glue etc. Once you have removed all the glue and tape give them a good wash in warm soapy water getting them ready for the lamp shade recovering later on in the project.


Cleaning The Bottom Ring


Step 3: When the top and bottom rings have been left to dry we always give them a new coat of paint, this will get them nice and clean, as well as looking brand new again. We spray them both with a white enamel gloss spray paint. Always do your spraying outdoors and hang them up to dry for at least 24 hours; you don’t want to inhale all those nasty spray fumes. Not good for the chest and lungs.


Spraying The Frame


Step 4: This is where you will need some self-adhesive laminate, we can provide this if you contact us via email or phone 01204 414366 or 01204 412062 and tell us the size of self adhesive laminate you would like to buy. You can see in the picture where we have drawn around the old card template that we removed from the top and bottom ring earlier on in this lamp shade recovering project. We always use a black felt tip pen to draw around the old card template and a ruler to draw the straight edges, it makes it easier to see when you are cutting out the new template. You can see our laminate as a paper grid reference that makes it easier for most lamp shade recovering projects.


Creating The New Template


Step 5: Once you have copied your template carefully cut around the lines you have drawn using a very sharp pair of scissors. You can see in the picture the new cut out template with the grid reference still intact. A great tip is to add an extra 1.5 inches on the the length of the new template before you cut it out. This will allow for the seam to be glued at the end of the lamp shade recovering project.


Template Cut Out


Step 6:Remove the paper grid reference, this will leave the very sticky template, be extremely careful not to let any dust or hair drop on to the template, because if you do and you don`t notice it when you have finished the lamp shade recovering project and put the lamp shade back on to its base it will show through the material when you turn on the bulb.


Step 7: You will need another pair of hands to help you at this stage. Take one side of the new fabric while the other person is holding the other end of the fabric taking care to keep it off the template, then take one last look at the sticky template making sure nothing as fallen on it like dust etc,  then place the fabric on the edge of the new template and gently press  down, once you have got it started gently run your hands moving upwards pressing the rest of the fabric all over the template, making sure you don`t get any creases or bumps in it, if you do get some creases use a clean dry cloth and apply pressure rubbing it up and down until the crease`s disappear. I know this must sound a little bit daunting, but it is quite simple really.


Placing The Fabric On The Laminate


Step 8: Once you are happy that you have got no crease in the fabric you need to use a 1 inch wide double sided self-adhesive sticky tape, taping it around the bottom and center of the template like shown in the picture. We also sell the tape.


Stick Self Adhesive Shade On Fabric Edge


Step 9: When you have stuck all the self-adhesive tape around the template, you cut through the tape leaving approximately ¾ of an inch attached to the template, like you can see in the picture.


Cut Round The Template


Step 10: Here you can see the new template with all the self-adhesive tape around it. Pull the backing off the self-adhesive tape getting it ready for taping the metal rings back on.


Template With Fabric and Tape Cut Out


Step 11: Now take your top ring fitting and gently put it in place at the top of the new template and slowly wrap the tape around it, once you start wrapping the tape around the top ring fitting the lampshade will start to curve and take its shape again. Then take the bottom ring and do the same, now you have the nearly finished the lamp shade recovering project. One last thing to do is with using a hot melt glue gun join the 1.5 inch seam together, this is why you cut the template out slightly longer for the seam, if you don`t have an hot melt glue gun you could always use a strong quick drying bottle glue.


Fitting The Top and Bottom Ring


Step 12: Finally the finished new lampshade on show in all its glory. Please let us know if this lamp shade recovering project helped you in anyway by either sending a message at the bottom of this page or phone any of the numbers below. If you don`t feel like trying this lamp shade recovering at home you could always give us a call, we offer a lamp shade recovering and restoration service. Please click here for more information or phone 01204 414366 and ask for Ian or Gary.


Finished Lampshade