Lampshade Spider Fittings

15/08/2012 0 Comment(s)


Lampshade spider fittings are designed to hang a lampshade from the ceiling when the shade has the large 11cm duplex hole ring fitting. From the picture above you can see one of our lampshade frames with the duplex center fitting hanging from our lampshades spider fitting on the ceiling. The fitting is simply attached to the bulb holder by unscrewing the holder cap inserting the spider and screwing the cap back on. The lampshade frame simply sits on top. All of our lampshade spider fittings are made with the larger continental 45mm hole and supplied to the customer with the lampshade reducer ring clipped in. This reduces it down to the standard 29mm UK bulb holder size. The reason we have them made with the larger continental 45 mm hole fitting is so they can fit both sizes, lots of new build houses have the larger 45mm bulb holders fitted from new. Below you can see the difference in size of the hole.