Lampshade Clusters - Spotlight on Style

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One of our favourite en vogue trends are lampshade clusters - a vintage-style twist on the more conventional chandelier. Interior design is a fast-paced and innovative world, bringing exciting new concepts to the lighting industry as fashions change and evolve. Currently, the spotlight is on lampshade clusters - and for good reason. But what are lampshade clusters exactly, and why are designers and consumers so fired-up about them?


What are lampshade clusters?


Lampshade Cluster


Lampshade clusters are an arrangement of lampshades hung from the ceiling in one pendant; creating a contemporary yet quirky lighting feature. They come in all shapes and sizes - from single-colour vintage-style shades to eclectic colours and varying styles pitched against each other for striking contrast. They’re versatile, on-trend, and are taking the interior design world by storm. On the left is one of our own lampshade clusters - pitting crisp white fabric against a traditional shade for an elegant finish. This piece was created for Singapore-based restaurant, Oxwell & Co. The cluster incorporates three of our braid-only designs: a single scallop, an octagonal shade, and a traditional bowed empire. Lampshade clusters are proving hugely popular. A big reason for this is the scope they allow for self-expression. Whether you like sleek modernity, quirky art pieces or retro glamour, lampshade clusters can cater for all tastes. With multiple bulbs, they cast light in all directions across a room and - most importantly - they’re steering the lighting industry in a new direction; one where absolutely anything is possible! To show you how exciting they can be, here are some examples from our Lampshade Clusters Pinterest Board. We particularly like the colourful vintage versions, which are possibly one of the most popular iterations of a lampshade cluster. Hung from a singular point on the ceiling, the contrasting colours demonstrate a design-conscious, free-spirited style - perfect for off-beat bars, intimate venues or even weddings. What do you think?


Do you require a lampshade cluster for an event or your home?


At Premier Lampshades, we use traditional methods and innovative ideas to provide handmade bespoke lamp shades and can work to any design or specification. To find out more about our bespoke lampshade clusters in a style of your choosing, please get in touch! We would love to exchange ideas: whether for your home, business or event. To chat to a member of our team, get in touch via our quick contact form or ring 01204 414366. Thank you for visiting and please share this post :)   Where Would You like to Go Next? We hope you enjoyed this blog. Where would you like to go to next? To help you on your way, here are the main places of interest on our little website. Happy travels :)

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