Wine Red Brocade Fabric Lampshades

Wine Red Brocade Fabric Lampshades

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Our Brocade collection is accompanied by this gorgeous, deep red lampshade. The wine red Brocade draws attention with a contrasting cream fringe and intriguing rope braid. Its floral pattern finishes of a truly wonderful lampshade.

Diameter Bottom
5 Inch
Diameter Top
3 Inch
Height (with fringe)
7 Inch
8 Inch4 Inch9 Inch
10 Inch5 Inch9.5 Inch
12 Inch4.5 Inch12.5 Inch
14 Inch7 Inch14 Inch
16 Inch8 Inch16 Inch
18 Inch9 Inch18 Inch
22 Inch10.5 Inch20 Inch

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