Double Scollop Lampshade Frame

Double Scollop Lampshade Frame

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All these lampshade frames fit either a table lamp base or a ceiling light fitting. The 8", 10" and 12" inch sizes come with the middle fitting that can be turned upwards to fit a ceiling light or left downwards to fit a table lamp base.The 14", 16", 18" and the 22" inch sizes come with a duplex middle fitting. If ordered for a ceiling light we will send a ceiling spider fitting. If ordered for a table lamp base we will send the correct size of lampshade carrier. All these lampshade frames have the continental 45 mm hole middle fitting which also includes a lampshade reducer ring to reduce the hole down to the standard 29 mm UK bulb holder size.

Diameter Bottom
8 Inch
Diameter Top
4 Inch
7.5 Inch
10 Inch5 Inch8 Inch
12 Inch6 Inch9.5 Inch
14 Inch7 Inch11 Inch
16 Inch8 Inch13.5 Inch
18 Inch9 Inch14.5 Inch
22 Inch10 Inch15 Inch

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