Make Small Spaces Bigger With 6 Clever Tricks

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A particular problem for city dwellers, most of us at some point in our lives have to make do with a living space that is a bit smaller than we’d like it to be. Maybe your bedroom is barely big enough for your bed or your lounge is functioning as an all-in-one dining, living and office area. While many of us aspire to better, grander things, we could see our bijou living quarters as a design challenge with great potential. By following these six inspirational tips, you can give the impression of a bigger space while retaining your own unique sense of style.

1. Think big with furniture

It’s easy to assume that a small space should equal small furniture. It’s true that adding too many pieces of furniture can suggest clutter and disorder. But in actual fact, choosing just one, large statement armchair for your living room, for example, can help to create a simple and open feel.

2. Mirror, mirror, on the wall

To maximise the light you have in your room, mirrors are a simple, inexpensive and clear choice. Choose one oversized round mirror on a wall, making sure that it’s optimally placed to reflect a window or view. Alternatively, place a wall length mirror or mirrored tiles on the floor, angled upwards.

3. Get creative

Dazzle guests with a statement feature by hanging a large piece of art to create the sense of a larger wall. For powerful visual impact, choose a piece that covers three quarters of the size of the wall. The positioning is important too. Placed above the eye line on your chosen wall, it can help create the impression of high ceilings. Experimenting with a variety of work of all shapes and sizes can add to the effect.

4. Add a splash of paint

It’s an old one, but it works! Be sure to keep to pale shades, such as whites, creams, blues and light greys, make a room light and airy. Keep a low contrast on your walls by choosing colours in the same tone range for balance and harmony. Light colours are reflective and will draw the maximum amount of natural light into your room.

5. Lighten up

When the sun goes down, consider your lighting carefully. Instead of one main ceiling light source, choose a number of small lamps to spread the light more evenly. Illuminating the corners, they will draw the eye around the room, amplifying the sense of space. For even greater effect, add materials and textures that shimmer and glitter, such as lacquered furniture or sequinned soft furnishings.

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6. Store it away

Choose floor-to-ceiling shelving which will not only heighten your space by drawing the eye upwards, but also provide much welcome storage space, which is all-important when you’re short of space. Consider using a combination of open and closed storage, which will allow your personality to shine through while keeping the space uncluttered. Make use of hidden or unexpected spaces, such as an ottoman, or under a chair arm for bonus storage.

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