What’s the Difference Between Architectural and Decorative Light Fittings?

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When it comes to designing and decorating your home, lighting can make a huge impact. A room’s lighting can be a focal point, but it can also be used to push focus onto other aspects of the design.

You might not have heard of architectural and decorative lighting before, but it’s important to know the distinction between the two if you’re trying to get the best out of your home’s design. Read on for our useful guide.


Introducing decorative lighting

Decorative light fittings are designed to be seen. This can be anything from pendant lighting, to a gorgeous patterned lampshade. The important thing to remember is that decorative lighting has its own beauty. It’s a popular lighting choice because it adds so much to your room’s design. Choosing decorative lighting opens up a plethora of beautiful options.


Suitable when…

Both modern and traditional design schemes can be superb with decorative light fittings. In modern design schemes, pendant lighting is huge. Glass pendants hang down from the ceiling, giving a simplistic design scheme a real edge. A bathroom with pendant lighting is a particularly popular option. On the other hand, traditional design schemes can include fabric lampshades to add colour and life to a room’s atmosphere.

More contemporary design schemes with trends like shabby chic or vintage can also make great use of decorative lighting. Fabric lampshades offer a canvas upon which there can be some incredible designs. Find a lampshade with accessories like tassels, a fringe, a contrasting braid, or an interesting patterned design.


The difference

Over to architectural lighting. This type of fitting draws focus to the actual light. However, there is no real fitting involved. Think of a museum with an in-built spotlight in the ceiling. Its purpose is to draw attention to the art below it. These kind of spotlights can be great in homes with a minimalist design. Stylish wall cavities are another place perfect for architectural lighting. What’s important to remember is that neither fitting is inherently better, and they can be used together to great effect.


Lighting your home

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