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Design your own 18" drum lampshade to match your own interior decor by sending either your own matching wallpaper or matching fabric.

If you send me 63 inches (1.6m) in length but 4 inches extra in height than required for example if you require the height of the lampshade to be 8 inches please send 12 inches in height, for a 10 inch tall lamp shade, send 14 inches in height etc.) Please specify if you require the lampshade to fit a ceiling fitting or a table lamp, when purchasing.

Due to the way the lamp shades are made, I should point out that the pattern on the paper or fabric will run horizontally, rather than vertically.

Diameter = 18 inch; Height = 8 inch; Price = £84
Diameter = 18 inch; Height = 10 inch; Price = £89
Diameter = 18 inch; Height = 12 inch; Price = £92
Diameter = 18 inch; Height = 14 inch; Price = £96
Diameter = 18 inch; Height = 16 inch; Price = £104

If you would like your lamp shade made taller than 16 inches, please phone Ian or Gary on 01204 414366 or or email us at premierlampshades@ with the height you require and we will quote you a price.

When sending your wallpaper please ensure to send it rolled up in a tube and not folded. Fabric is OK sent in a jiffy bag etc.

Simply send us the correct length and width of fabric or wall paper for the size of lamp shade you require, and please state if you require it to fit a table lamp or ceiling light.

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